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Arcane Theatreworks is dedicated to fantastical theatre productions that move the mind, heart and soul. We are story-tellers in the mold of Bradbury, Verne, Poe, Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury. “Art”, as Tolstoy once said, “is a means of union among men, joining them together in the same feelings, and indispensable for the life and progress toward well-being of individuals and of humanity.” Our mission is create such a union by producing electrifying evenings of theatre full of magic, outre’ themes, bold writing and exciting visuals that will thrill and elevate the public.


Our premier production was “MARTIANS – AN EVENING WITH RAY BRADBURY” currently playing at The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks (in Los Angeles). The reviews have all been raves!

Co-Artistic Directors Charlie Mount and Jeff G. Rack created Arcane in 2018. They have written, produced, designed and directed some of LA’s most celebrated theatre in the last 15 years. Charlie is an established playwright and professional magician and was the Artistic Director of the Chestnuts Theatre program at Theatre West for many years. Jeff G. Rack was one of the co-Artistic Directors of the highly successful Wicked Lit program in Pasadena and his amazing set designs have graced dozens of LA stages.

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Whitefire Theatre and Arcane Theatreworks present The World Premiere of

Created by Charlie Mount and Jeff G. Rack. Based on the short stories The Strawberry Window, The Blue Bottle, The Messiah and Night Call, Collect by Ray Bradbury. Performed and adapted by permission of Don Congdon Associates, Inc.



Join the great fantasy and science-fiction author Ray Bradbury (played by Charlie Mount)  as he takes you on a journey of imagination from his magician’s toyshop to the surface of Mars! Ray speaks directly to the audience, weaving stories humorous and harrowing, romantic and hopeful, fantastical and ingenious, bringing his characters to life right before your eyes. Bob and Carrie are a young couple struggling to turn the cold, dead Mars into an Earthly garden. Beck and Craig are two soliders of fortune searching for the legendary Blue Bottle of Mars which may contain that which every man secretly wants! Father Niven’s deep religious faith painfully traps a shapeshifting Martian in the form of Jesus! Emil Barton is an old man abandoned alone on Mars with only with computer recordings of his younger self to keep him company, or drive him mad! As Ray creates his stories we come to know the mind and heart of the great writer who believes that humanity can only survive by carrying our culture to Mars – and beyond! Most of the text is taken from Ray’s own words, from interviews and books he’s written on the art of writing, as well as adaptations of his Martian stories The Strawberry Window, The Blue Bottle, The Messiah and Night Call, Collect.


Ray Bradbury is played by co-creater Charlie Mount who played him in a production of The October Country and produced Ray’s Irish play Falling Upward with Pat Harrington, Jr, both staged at Theatre West in association with Ray’s Pandemonium Theatre Company. Also a playwright Charlie’s plays include The Leather Apron Club (100% on Bitter Lemons), Against The Wall (Los Angeles Times Critic’s Pick) and Trumpets and Table-Tipping. His directing credits include Acting: The First Six Lessons (with Beau and Emily Bridges), Waiting in the Wings (with Betty Garrett, receiving an Ovation Award nomination), Seascape, Waiting for Lefty (Ovation nominated for outstanding production), Gaslight, and The Fantasticks (with Lee Meriwether). A professional illusionist and Magic Castle member, Charlie has performed at The Sands Casino in Atlantic City, featured on TV’s Magic’s Greatest Illusions and his magic show Abracadabra was an L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week.


Directed by Co-Creator Jeff G. Rack whose work as an Art Director for films and commercials, and as an EFX artist, can be seen in many films, including: Armageddon, Con-Air, Flubber, Mighty Joe Young, Kundun, and Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. Probably best known to Los Angeles theater patrons for his award-winning set designs, Jeff has designed and built over 150 productions from Santa Barbara to Edinburgh, Scotland, and received an L.A. Weekly Award for his work on Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage. Shows he has adapted and directed for Unbound Production’s Wicked Lit include: H. P. Lovecraft’s The Unnamable, and The Lurking Fear, Sleepy Hollow, The Dead Smile, The Yellow Wallpaper, Dracula’s Guest and Robert E. Howard’s Pigeons From Hell. Other shows Jeff has directed are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Birds, PEN, and The Mystery Plays.